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Citizens, Scientists, Satellites and Sensors 

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August 6, 2023

Our Rivers and lakes are facing unprecedented challenges in terms of their quality and quantity. The task of tackling water pollution is a wicked problem and demands a holistic approach that transcends individual technical disciplines and societal engagement. The Aquascope team, a confluence of expertise in water quality, modelling, monitoring, satellite remote sensing, and data science, is finally ready to play our role. Our mission. To give  everyone,  from a single person to a multinational organisation, access water quality data like never before so they can take action to stop the insidious spread of pollution.  

Our solution begins with the synthesis of multiple data sources, each contributing a piece to the complex puzzle of water quality. Real-time sensors provide precise and localised data. Citizens, armed with sampling kit and sensors, the unsung heroes who sample local streams and rivers. Meanwhile, models rooted in years of scientific research decode interactions between natural elements and man-made pathways, offering insights into pollution sources and impacts. The celestial satellites play their part by beaming a treasure trove of data, ranging from sediment flows to the occurrence of harmful algal blooms.

In isolation, each approach boasts its own strengths, but also limitations. However, as Aquascope has proven, when interwoven, they produce a tapestry that paints a holistic picture of water quality in rivers and lakes anywhere in the world. This comprehensive perspective serves as a vital tool for decision-makers and environmental stewards, enabling them to comprehend the complex dynamics of aquatic ecosystems relative to specific locations. 

At the heart of this innovation lies the Aquascope Source, our software and data science workflows. Our live, living dataset, enhanced by cutting-edge machine learning techniques, stands as a testament to democratized science. This dataset serves as the bedrock for establishing water quality baselines across river catchments. Citizens have access, transforming their view of their rivers, while polluters can see with greater clarity their impact, and risks.

This democratization resonates from the smallest communities to the largest corporations, reminding us that we all reside within the embrace of watersheds. Aquascope stands in the middle, to cast a light on the dark, and sadly unhealthy waters. We take no sides, we are independent auditors of the rivers and lakes.  It is for society and business to take this data together and act.  A brighter future dawns on the horizon, embodied in our promise to be honest and true. As our reach expands, we can soon expect to witness this transformation unfolding in rivers near us. 

The clarion call echoes again: 

Aquascope - coming to a river near you soon